Nexans Cable Products

Electro-Matic is a supplier of Nexans automation products.  Nexans is one of the largest Cable manufacturers in the world offering an extensive range of cables and cabling systems to raise industrial productivity, improve business performance, enhance security and assure long-term network reliability.  With that being said, we stock a comprehensive range of multi-conductor Robotic, Servo-Motor and Bus cable products to meet the needs of the Machine Tool and Servo Motor makers throughout North America.  With our technical support and inventory, we are able to support many industries and markets but most of all the global transplant manufactures throughout.

Nexans Motion Line Products

Robotic Applications
-Robotic Cables: These Cables carry energy/data one of several cores, perform excellent under high Torsion conditions, with low break percentages.  Nexans offers over a hundred sizes (.014 to 95 mm. sq.) in PP, TPE and Nexans own (TPM).

Chain Applications
-Power Cables: These screened cables provide power to servos and Motors for two-dimensional movements, and are available from 1.5 to 50 mm sq., delivering 600 to 1000 Volts

-Encoder Cables: This is a control cable, usually 4 to 18 cores, but up to 50 cores, in pairs and quads. They link the central processing unit (CLP) to the machine, for 3-dimensional movements, and opening and closing

-Unshielded Power Cables: When EMI is not an issue, these power cables (600-1000 Volts) provide a cost efficient solution for Servo-motors operating under harsh conditions.

-Hybrid Cables: This is a key trend in the automation industry, combining power, control and data cores within a single cable.  These tailor –made cables deliver unsurpassed energy and control capability, meeting the needs of decentralized control systems.

Bus Applications
-ASI-Bus Cables: ASI-Bus is a flat 2 core, 1.5 mm sq. cable which fits into a special module with pins, making it fast and easy to connect with high security systems.

-Profibus Cables: This is a two-core round cable in a dozen designs for complex control.  Delivering up to 12 mega-bits, Profibus is the leading standard in Europe, and widely used in automotive industry. This cable has superior mechanical properties, as well as fast connections account for its continuing market dominance.

-Profi-net / Industrial Ethernet Cables: To merge office and factory LANS, Nexans offers a symmetrical copper cable with a data transfer rate of 100 megabits in a 2-pair or a starquad, twisted and shielded cable, copper/copper and copper/fiber solutions with a 24-Volt feed.  Drive Clique Industrial Ethernet Cables represent the latest developments for servo-drives and motors.

To view Nexans continuous Flexing Cable Testing Facility and process watch here.

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